Discover your licensed homebirth midwife:

The site features a directory of midwives licensed in New York. You may read about their philosophies and link to their websites, find information about homebirth and discover resources that will help you have the safe and satisfying birth you deserve.

Licensed midwives have a broad scope of practice, offering care for women throughout their lives.

During pregnancy, they provide comprehensive prenatal care including routine and genetic laboratory testing and referrals for ultrasounds. The midwifery model of care includes evidence-based clinical practices, education and shared decision making.

At your homebirth, a midwife will carefully monitor mother and baby to ensure the well-being of both. Midwives provide postnatal home visits for mother and baby.

You don’t have to be pregnant to take advantage of the expert care of a midwife. Many also provide a full scope of women’s healthcare including comprehensive annual exams, contraceptive counseling and prescribing, pap smears and care during and after menopause.

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